Why Buy Bedgear M3 Performance Mattress from Exclusive Furniture

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About Bedgear M3 Performance Mattress

Never Compromise on Comfort Again!

Sleep should be about comfort, not compromise! Engineered and designed to comfortably fit all body types and sleep positions, our M3 mattress offers four individualized support levels so you can personalize comfort for each side of the bed.

No More Hot, Sleepless Nights

Say goodbye to hot, sleepless nights and hello to Air-X! Our M3 mattress features Air-X breathable mesh panels to provide continuous airflow in and around your mattress, keeping you cool all night long.

Sleep Clean and Healthy!

Unlike other mattresses, the M3 mattress allows you to disassemble and clean every single component. Each layer of the mattress, from the top cover to the Independent Suspension™ Units, can be removed for easy cleaning so you can have a cleaner, healthier sleep.

Bedding That Breathes

Every layer of the M3 is enhanced with airflow features that work together to keep air circulating throughout the mattress.

Comfort Layer

The Boost® comfort layer is ventilated to channel hot air away from your body and into the mattress.

Independent Suspension™

Independent Suspension™ units feature coils wrapped in a breathable fabric that allows air to circulate


Breathable Air-X® fabric and built-in air vents on the Chassis create cross-ventilation and increase breathability within the mattress.